Our vision is to be the brand that helps everyone access and harness the power of visual content.

In an increasingly digital world it’s harder than ever to gain and maintain trust, whether you’re selling a product, social networking or anything else. We know that visual content helps build trust between distant and disconnected people by helping them tell stories better and see what they’re looking for. We’re working to ensure that everyone can access visual content and knows how to use it for the most positive outcome possible.

“Better visuals, better stories, better place.”



Property Vertical

Like most traditional sectors, the property industry is changing fast and we’re one of the tech companies at the forefront of these changes. We currently service over 100,000 properties annually, processing over 2.5 million photos from a 700-strong network of photographers. 

Our property industry vision is simple: to be involved in every property listing in the UK. We’re making good headway towards this goal, currently boasting nationwide UK coverage of professional photography and video, as well as expanding into a diverse product range including 360, VR and other tech such as drones and 360. Our clients range from large national brands right through to local independents.

We’re recruiting for this role because we have around 80 key relationships with existing customers that we need to be managing and building to help grow activity on the account. These relationships are critical to our sales strategy and will help us increase customer retention and penetration rates, increasing their spend and our profitability and performance as a business.



The Role

The big challenge for the role is learning about our business. You can learn at your own pace and we won’t hold you back! Learn in the style that suits you best so that you can go out and start building those relationships.

The role owns the relationships with all regional managers and branches in the account you’re working on and, in particular, owning the training that will be delivered to those people about our products.  

The major responsibilities are to manage and build those relationships; as a result of that being able to drive order levels up and hit targets; and also effectively handle troubleshooting of issues raised, making sure they’re handled without escalation and transformed into positives.

Alongside these major responsibilities, there are other additional activities that include developing and delivering presentations; reporting to the business; reporting to customers; keeping track of targets autonomously; managing your own time, expenses, appointments and priorities; visiting branches; outbound calls; compiling workshops, new training styles and ideas; and learning new products.

The role will work with an Account Director familiar with the customer. This is the immediate progression route for this role and relies on strong performance not just for this role but for the account in general so everyone can move up. There are also a plethora of other opportunities that could transpire over the coming years, including new customers that are being brought on board; our moving into new countries with our existing products; or entering into entirely new areas of business. Although none of these opportunities are assured, we make it a priority to support progression of anyone who chases it proactively.



What’s it like working for us?

It’s only since the seventies that awareness of ‘work – life balance’ started to become prevalent. Over recent decades, working practises have continually evolved in that vein. We see things slightly differently. Your work should be aligned with your wider life goals, meaning that your work, being fulfilling and enjoyable, is a part of your life, not something requiring that artificial separation.

We’re not corporate (and we don’t want to be); we’re agile and entrepreneurial and we’d like you to be the same, bringing ownership, resourcefulness, responsibility and an attitude that drives you to do what everyone else in your life has told you is impossible.

Because of this, we move quickly and to do that we need to run lean, focusing on the results of what we do to keep ourselves accountable. We enjoy our time together – what’s the point in spending as much time as we do working if it’s not fulfilling? We’re a sociable, friendly team with a positive outlook and real ambition; we think you’ll enjoy it here.


Key People

We understand that your time is in demand and as such keep our interview process as quick and painless as possible, outlining all timeframes in advance for you to plan around. At interview you’ll meet Emma Lee, the Department Head and Jess Cole, our Talent Manager at our East Croydon office. – Emma is the department head for all our Sales and Account Management teams, and nobody knows the industry or the customers better. – Jess is our Talent Manager and responsible for your experience through interview; she’s your first port of call for any questions and is keen to help!