Operations Director

Tom joined Audioagent in 2013, because: “I could tell the business was on the verge of doing fantastic things, and saw the opportunity to help turn potential into reality.”

One of Tom's first businesses provided home information packs, back in 2007. "Since then, I've always been interested in how to deliver scalable solutions that enhance the process of selling or renting a property." he explains.

Audioagent’s service is provided early in the cycle of a property transaction. Tom says: "We are often the first contact with the vendor or landlord after they sign up with our client. It’s a big responsibility to represent the client as part of their team."

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We involve them from the start, and they have helped mould the business. "We listen, gather information, and then develop ideas, products and services that really add value."

To ensure we maintain our high delivery standards requires a combination of solid software systems and hundreds of people working behind the scenes, covering every part of the UK. We also have teams in different time zones to take advantage of the 24 hours in a day! Our delivery has become a finely tuned machine, but we’re always striving to improve every aspect. We constantly measure customer ratings, track minutes saved, and conduct stringent quality checks.

"97% of our clients report they are really happy with our service and would recommend us, which is a huge testament to the team, when you think of the thousands of orders we do week in week out.”