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Matt Gates

Co-founder, Technical & Innovation Director

Matt heads up Audioagent’s growing technical and innovation department.

Matt started out as a programmer before running a software development agency for nearly 15 years.

“My tech background and commercial outlook gives me a unique viewpoint. Having had exposure to hundreds of projects from many sectors, I have broad experience to draw on. Audioagent allows me to see innovation all the way through its lifecycle, something I never got to do in the agency environment.”

He founded Audioagent with Ben Quiney, our Business Development Director, and remembers: “At the time, there was no market. We spent a long time tweaking our offering, being brilliant at customer service and creating a market. Ben and I are still highly excited about the business and its potential. Our CEO has the unenviable job of keeping that enthusiasm in check!”

Audioagent now employs 60 people and counting, and we have recently taken residency in Number One Croydon – the new innovation and technical hub of Croydon’s Tech City. This was a strategic move to attract really talented people from outside Central London.

"Recruiting the right people is key for our future growth. The work we’re undertaking is both exciting and challenging, we need great people who want to be challenged, whilst having fun along the way,” Matt explains.

Audioagent have implemented a best-in-class technical environment and migrated their core platform to the cloud which is more flexible, reliable and saves the team time.

“As a tech company, it’s important that our staff continue to use the latest tools and technologies. This enables us to deliver more, retain staff and keep pace with the fast-moving environment we work in.”