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About Audioagent

Audioagent is a property marketing and technology company that works with top estate agency groups. We’re on a mission to revolutionise property marketing and help every property for sale or rent in the UK be presented in the best light. If you’re looking to be part of a truly amazing journey, have the desire to grow every day and want to make a huge difference, then what are you waiting for… read on!

It’s only since the late seventies that awareness of ‘work – life balance’ started to become prevalent in the UK. Over the last 40 years, working practises have continued to evolve. Here at Audioagent, we see things slightly differently. We follow a guiding principle that every single day should be filled with happiness and purpose, and work should be part of achieving this. We are passionate about enjoying the journey and having a solid group of friends who happen to also be colleagues.

As market leaders in a rapidly evolving industry, everyone in our high-performance team really cares about constantly improving and pushing boundaries. Doing things even better every time is a core belief that can be felt in everything we do, from improving our products to making our Christmas parties even better each year (if that’s even possible). We also think that way too many companies lose sight of their direction if things get too complicated. By making complex things simple, we allow ourselves to clearly see where we are going - all the time.

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The Role

A big part of how we help our customers is by working together on propositions that will help their businesses prosper. The success of our propositions needs to be proven by data.

As Commercial Analyst, you will be tasked with proving the value of and fine tuning our propositions via data to maximize the success of what we and our customers do.

Top level, this is what you would be in charge of:

  • Proving the value of our propositions for our customers through provable data
  • Creating insight for our sales team that can help our customers improve their businesses


Personal Skills

  • Be curious
    • To prove the value of a brand new proposition will require you to question data and be curious about what the possible outcomes are.
  • A ‘numbers person’
    • Given that the whole role will be based on proving value based on numbers, it’s no surprise that you should love numbers.
  • Commercially minded
    • You will ideally have a real interest in business and will thrive on finding ways that we can help our customers (and therefore us too) be successful.
  • Skilled on Excel
    • Although you won’t necessarily be the most technically minded person, you will of course need to be able to use excel to an advanced level in order to work on numbers.
  • A positive attitude
    • If you find yourself saying ‘How could we’ instead of ‘Why we shouldn’t’ then you’ll fit right in.
  • Attentive to detail
    • Attention to detail is a ‘must have’ when working with numbers from numerous sources.
  • A quick learner
    • In line with constant change, it’s important for everyone in the team to absorb new information quickly so that we can move forwards as a unit.
  • A fan of change
    • We don’t just talk, we actually get (a lot of) stuff done – which leads to constant change. It’s therefore important to embrace change and roll with the punches.
  • Personable
    • We’re always being told we’re a friendly bunch, so this should hopefully be quite easy… but as they say, it takes two to tango


Other Criteria

You may have already got this feeling by reading all of the above… but we’re looking for someone who wants to work hard whilst enjoying every single day. If you’re ready to be part of an amazing journey, then we’d love to hear from you and meet up soon, over a cup of tea, coffee or whatever tickles your fancy.