Ben Quiney

Co-founder, Business Development Director

Ben explains how he and Matt came up with the idea of Audiotours (Audioagent's first product): ”We thought it made absolute sense that people looking to buy or rent a property would want to watch a short video to enhance the buying process. We just needed to create a cost-effective and exciting way to do it. We are also consumers, and that’s where all our ideas come from.”

Since then, Audioagent has revolutionised how estate agents market properties online.

"It's been phenomenal. We can now prove that, when estate agents work with us and use our products to present their customers’ properties in the best possible light, more people are looking at their properties online. Meaning they sell faster, and vendors get the best price. Everyone wins,” says Ben.

We know there is also room for improvement in how properties for let are marketed online, so we’re currently working with our lettings partners to help them too, attract quality tenants who are willing to pay the best rent.

“The data is already proving that our property marketing tools are generating more interest on a property online, which in turn achieves higher rents (better yields) and better quality tenants for landlords.”